19 Jul, 2024

Leoni Online: The Articles — The Family Man DVD Review

Title: Family Man: Collector’s Edition Reviewer: Aaron Beierle Studio: Universal Movie Rating: Picture Rating: Sound Rating: Extras Rating: Repeat Viewing: Advice: Recommended Worth: $17.50 BUY Review: The Movie: Although the movie didn’t seem to want to spark comparisons, “The Family Man” often seems an awful lot like a new-school spin-off on “It’s A Wonderful Life”. […]

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Leoni Online: The Articles — Cinema.com

Sexy Téa Leoni, Mrs. David Duchovny, stars in the latest dinosaur epic, Jurassic Park 3 (2001), as a woman and mother who will risk anything – even getting her clothes really dirty – to rescue her missing son from the hungry jaws of the lethal giants. But today, on a sunny July afternoon on the […]

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Leoni Online: The Articles — The Record

Mother’s nightmare in the Land of Make Believe By AMY LONGSDORF Special to The Record Now here’s a switch: an actor who refuses to take credit. “I didn’t have to do one thing to prepare for my role in this movie,” says Tea Leoni about “Jurassic Park III,” the latest installment in the dino franchise, […]

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Leoni Online: The Articles — USA Today 2003

Leoni Online Articles USA Today 2003 View Photos If the bra fits your budget, buy it for a good cause By Kelly Carter, USA TODAY CULVER CITY, Calif. — An eight-months pregnant Brooke Shields paraded around in a flesh-colored water bra. Sheryl Crow slipped on a black bra with 150 hot-pink guitar chips attached to […]

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Leoni Online: The Articles — Maximum Golf

18 With Téa Leoni In a friendly game of strip golf, the sweet-swinging, trash-talking star of The Family Man bets big and loses her shirt – and her pants, too By Lizz Winstead After pulling into Téa Leoni’s driveway at 9 a.m., I can’t figure out which door to enter. This cottage nestled in the […]

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