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David Duchovny Thanks “Wife, Kids” for Standing by Him

In his first public appearance since seeking treatment for sex addiction, Golden Globe nominee David Duchovny expressed his thanks for his family for standing by him.

“I’m thankful for so much,” he said on E!’s red carpet. “I’m just most thankful for my life and my family. My wife and my kids — the simple things in life. My gratitude opens my heart every day. I feel blessed.”

Last summer the actor voluntarily entered rehab “for the treatment of sex addiction.” He and wife Tea Leoni later announced they were separating. but remain on friendly terms (they have have two children, Madelaine West and Kyd).

“You do change … it’s all about the actions,” he said when asked about his past year. “I hope the people close to me and my loved ones feel the change.”

Source: US Magazine