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Duchovny and Leoni plan second wedding

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16 Jun Posted by gertiebeth in Tea News | 7 comments

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are reportedly planning to renew their wedding vows.

The pair announced the end of their 11-year marriage back in October, after Duchovny underwent a spell in rehab to treat sex addiction.

But the actors worked through their problems and subsequently reunited, and they now plan on sealing their love with a second marriage ceremony, according to Britain’s Daily Express newspaper.

A source tells the publication, “They’ve been married for 12 years and, like most of us, have had their ups and downs. But they really want to put the past behind them and renew their vows. They want to draw a line under things and make a fresh start.

“They went through a tough time but have reignited that spark. David realizes how close he came to losing it all so he especially wants to have their family and closest friends on hand to witness his second chance at happiness.”

The couple has two children; Madelaine, 10, and six-year-old Kyd.

Source – 9WSYR.com.