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Leoni Online: The Articles — Chicago Sun Times

July 2, 2001

We hate to get too cheeky on you. But how else can one explain the colorful marriage of Tea Leoni and David Duchovny? ”For fun, we paint with our butts,” Leoni told me. ”I am the paint loader. I swipe different colors on David’s butt and then we get out a canvas and he sits on it.”

Gee, thanks for sharing. Is Duchovny this bored since quitting ”The X Files?” ”No, we actually have auctioned his ‘prints’ for an animal rights charity,” says the missus. Fans, in fact, are thrilled with the off-beat art. And how much is Duchovny’s back-end deal…um, worth?

”We got $3,500 for one print,” says Leoni. ”And it isn’t tough work because we use water soluble acrylic paint. I mean, you do want it coming off.”

Leoni comes off as having it all right now, with her ”Jurassic Park III” preparing to enter the summer blockbuster race and a role in Woody Allen’s next flick, ”Hollywood Ending.” There’s also baby Madeleine West and the most romantic hubby around. The most lovey-dovey thing Duchovny has ever done for her? ”Well, David knows that I’m very shy when it comes to singing.

My voice is so low that it sounds weird like an ‘Exorcist’ voice,” Leoni confides. ”But as self conscious as I am about it, David knows that it’s my dream to be a singer.

”So for my last birthday, he rented a recording studio with 10 musicians. He dropped me off and said, ‘Rock out, baby!”’ Leoni cooes.

”He even provided the musicians with a play list of all the songs I sing in the shower including my favorite ‘Delta Dawn.”’

Don’t worry about her recording a CD. ”You’ll never hear it!” Leoni says. ”But once in a while David and I will have a couple of drinks and then he will say, Let’s bring out some real music!”’