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It was just over a year ago that David Duchovny, one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, was taken off the market, when he married beautiful Italian-American actress, Téa Leoni, star of her own hit TV series, ‘The Naked Truth’. Much has been said about David, 37, wanting filming of his hit show ‘The X-Files’ relocated from Vancouver to LA so her could spend more time with Téa, 32. What will happen now is that her series has been shelved is uncertain, but with the release of the summer blockbuster ‘Deep Impact’ about a comet on collision course with the Earth it looks as if she’s made the stellar leap from TV to movie stardom. Alongside co-stars Vanessa Redgrave, Robert Duvall and Morgan Freeman, Téa plays a TV reporter who uncovers the news story of the century. We caught up with her on a recent visit to London.

Téa, you have a lot of tense scenes in ‘Deep Impact’. Did you enjoy making the film?

Sometimes it got a little too sober and intense, but we had some great evenings of contagious laughter. You occasionally need a little banana peel in your life.

What do you think about what’s being talked of as the “rival” film, Bruce Willis’ ‘Armageddon’?

There’s a little inside joke we have in the movie. When Morgan Freeman assures the press everything in life will carry on, he says, “and there will be no Armageddon!” Beyond that, we were too busy on our film to worry about someone else’s. These are two very different movies, even though we share the same ball-of-fire villain. But I am glad we came out first.

Your character has to keep a huge story under wraps. Could you keep a secret like that?

No. Keeping it under wraps is a greedy, ambitious decision for her. I’d be out on those streets like a lunatic going, ‘Oh My God it’s the end of the world!’

Since you can’t keep a secret, tell us how did you and David spend your wedding anniversary?

I was in London and David was in New York. We had to get as intimate as we could over a fax machine.

Has it been tough dealing with the spotlight on your private life this past year?

At times. I think the greatest realisation has been not getting to pick the say when I get my privacy. There are days when you have things in your private life that may be painful and you want to spend them alone with your family and friends without any intrusion. But you can’t always do that, so it’s hard sometimes. But for the most part, I think we’re doing all right.

How do you like to spend your time when you do find privacy?

I spend my weekends in much the same way I always have, with my dog Geroge, who’s grumpier than hell now he’s ten. I go out with him, David and Blue, my ‘step-daughter’ who’s a bearded collie mix.

Do the dogs get along?

No! But I had no trouble adoring Blue, who’s four and as smart as her master. She grew up on the set of ‘The X-Files’ when she hears the words ‘Cameras rolling!’ she stands there panting; when she hears ‘Action!’ she stops breathing; when she hears ‘Cut!’ she starts panting again! She’s a wonderful dog.

Does David get on with George?

My dog is a real ass, but very smart part wolf, with these wolf-like eyes. And now I’ve heard he might be epileptic; he goes in and out of reality. When David first met him, I had to say, ‘Now David, no sudden movements, OK?’ Poor David. But they get along very well now. As for the arranged marriage between Blue and George I guess a lot of couples have a hard first year.

When you were married, was there any adverse reaction from David’s female fans?

I didn’t get any hate mail, but I’ve heard some things were said about me. Some fans were upset with me for taking David off the market. I could say I apologise, but I’d do the same thing again!

What would you say you feel about being married to someone who is fancied by so many women?

Simply that I agree with them! I’m not the kind of person to let it affect me. There’s no jealously. Nothing negative.

Was it love at first sight?

No, it was love second time around. It’s a very un-romantic story. The first time we met, David hated me. We had a mutual agent who thought we could have a good tété-a- tété, but it was a disastrous situation an arranged lunch where we were both being interviewed for ‘The Tonight Show’. Because a one-on-one with a producer isn’t barbaric enough, they ask if they can bring along another actor who is going through the same process.

And that was your first date?

Well, it wasn’t so much a date. We sat at this lunch and told whatever jokes I’d heard from my father that day and I don’t think David got a word in edgeways. He seemed awfully quiet. Things were much better the second time.

Did he ring you?

Yes. We spoke on the phone for quite a while trying to arrange it or at least what was the excuse. I’d say it was love at second sight.

Do you think you intimidate men because you’re forthright, very funny and very sharp?

There’s a compliment in there somewhere! I don’t think I intimidated David the second time. I don’t know if I did the first time I think he was more appalled! What fun if I might have intimidated somebody back when I was single.

Ever since your marriage there have been rumours of a pregnancy which makes you over 12 months pregnant!

Or 17 months, I think is the last tally! I’m not pregnant, but it’s something David and I talk about for the future. We’re looking forward to having a family. But right now I’m just looking forward to having David. He’s been in Canada for the last year and I think we’ll enjoy a holiday together.

So ‘The X-Files’ is moving to LA?

Yes. They’ve finished filming in Vancouver, so when they start up again in July it will be in LA.

Can you tell us anything about ‘The X-Files Movie’, out here August 21?

We’re sworn to secrecy. There’s a system in Hollywood that when you have a secret script, they stamp a number across it. That way if it gets copied and shows up, they’ll know who leaked it.

Would you ever work together?

No, although there was a rumour we were teaming up for a remake of ‘I Love Lucy’. I can’t believe that someone came up with that. But there’s no better way to make your job as an actor more difficult that to work alongside your husband when your marriage has been public. It’s like inviting Hollywood into your marriage. I was out relationship to remain pristine and private.

What were your reasons for wanting to become famous?

I never wanted to become famous. I grew up in a rather eccentric family with a tremendous sense of humour and a good amount of pride. I never thought I’d get anything from acting other than the fulfilment of working. And my mother’s uncle was Hank Patterson of the TV series ‘Green Acres’, so I had no choice acting was in the blood!

You didn’t always want to be an actress?

No. But I’ve got a bizarre bone in my body that wants to tell a story, be creative. From early on I was aware I had no voice, so singing was out of the question. I can’t throw pottery. I tried sculpting, but you go too deep and there goes the whole piece. I tried painting but I’m no good, and I’ve tried writing but have a tough time getting to the point

How did the acting come about?

For a dare someone suggested I try out for ‘Angels 88’, a remake of ‘Charlie’s Angels’. It was one of the best dares I’ve ever done.

Now ‘The Naked Truth’ has been shelved, is TV something you want to move away from or return to?

Even to consider another TV project feels unfaithful the bed is still warm with ‘The Naked Truth’. The cast was spectacular and the crew were very loyal, professional and goofy. But I’ve been mourning the show for a couple of years. I was happily challenged, then the show changed and we were asked to fit and if you expect a comedy to fit, you’re getting into trouble. That was the beginning of the end.

Apparently, there’s a ‘Charlie’s Angels’ movie in the pipeline. Are you tempted?

Good God, they wouldn’t have me! I’m a little old now that was ten years ago.