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Hello! Magazine 2002

tn_hello_jpg-9494751tn_hello2_jpg-6499079tn_hello3_jpg-3843493 21 May, 2002 Just Days Before The Due Date of the Couple’s Second Child… Actress Téa Leoni Talks About Motherhood And Her Marriage To David Duchovny Téa Leoni has the air of excited expectation of a child on Christmas Eve. In just a few days, she will welcome her second child into the world. As both hands firmly encircle her stomach, she smiles and says, “I am awaiting this baby with such joy.” She couldn’t be more impatient if this was her first child. In fact Téa and husband David Duchovny – Agent Fox Mulder in the TV series The X-Files – are already parents to Madelaine, sho celebrated her third birthday on April 24. And becoming a mother has, says the actress, changed her life. “I’m feeling so happy these days that I wish every woman would experience the many blessings that motherhood can bring,” she enthuses. At 36, there’s no doubt that marriage and motherhood are very much the centre of Téa’s world. That’s not to say, though, that she isn’t happy to talk about a certain sexy director she recently worked with. Hello: Is being a Mother what you thought it would be? Téa: “More. Suddenly, your perception of the world is love and generosity. I see the good in everything because my soul and my heart are different. It’s amazing how much sheer joy you feel every day by just looking at your child.” Hello: How is your relationship with your first child, Madelaine? Téa: “Amazing. West, which is Madelaine’s nickname, is a wonderful little girl. Just listening to her laughter and her little feet running around the house makes my life so special.” Hello: There were rumours that you might retire from acting after you had her. Téa: “I was sure I was going to quit working. But then something funny happened. I became more interested and excited about my career because I was suddenly fearless. “I mean, what could happen to me? That I would not be good as an actress and could no longer work? So what? My family will always mean more to me than my career. So I was ready to take chances and have been enjoying myself ever since.” Hello: But juggling motherhood and a high-profile career is not an easy task. Téa: “That’s true. But I have not experiences the difficulties that most working mothers face. I am lucky to be in the best profession in the world, because I can work and still be with my daughter. West was with me on the set every day while I was shooting my latest film, Hollywood Ending. I’m aware that it will be more difficult with two children and that I might, again, stop working for a while. But that doesn’t bother me.” Hello: Compare being an actress to being a mother. Téa: “There is no comparison. My fans like me, but my daughter adores me. When you’re talking about being a mother, you’re talking about eternal love. Bringing a child into the world, there is such a strong connection of the soul between the two of you that nothing could ever break it.” Hello: Do you want more children? Téa: “David and I both do.” Hello: You and David have been married for five years and your marriage seems exceptionally strong. Téa: “I think that the secret of a good relationship is to love, be loved and surround yourself with love. David and I got married because we wanted to be together. We are very supportive of each other and really enjoy one another’s company. He is a great partner in all respects, and I can truly say that I’m married to a unique person. But most important of all, he is, without any doubt, the most exciting and romantic man I know.” Hello: Now that David no longer works on The X-Files, how helpful is he at home? Téa: “He does help a lot and is very sweet, very loving with West. He spends tons of time with her. But I’m mad at him right now.” Hello: Why’s that? Téa: “He just told me that he’s going to start a new movie a week after the baby is born. Right now I want to kill him. Because that is exactly what he did when I had our first child. He went to Chicago to film Return To Me. “I was supposed to meet him a month later, but after three days by myself in Los Angeles I could no longer be without him. So I jumped on a place with West and joined him there. I realise that in this business that’s the way things are, but this stime he will have to stay with me. I’ll make sure of that.” Hello: We have not seen much of David on the big screen lately. Téa: “That’s true. He’s been home writing. We have enjoyed an incredible year together. Having him around the house was wonderful for West and for me. He got to play with her and spend time with me. “He only left to do the final episode of The X-Files. It’s funny, but we were both shocked by the many hours he had to be on the set for that shoot. We’d forgotten how hard it is to work on a TV series.” Hello: Didn’t you experience those long hours while making Hollywood Ending? Téa: “Oh no. I was home each day by four o’clock and it was great.” Hello: How was your experience of being directed by Woody Allen? Téa: “Woody is truly brilliant. He is one of the few people who can really write great roles for women. I met him for the first time on the very first day of the shoot and I ended up feeling that he is one of my absolute favourite directors. I wish I would get another chance to work with him. People don’t realise how nice, kind and sexy he is.” Hello: Did you say sexy? Téa: “I did, and I sure do see him that way. First of all he is a musician and I’ve always had a soft spot for musicians. Plus, a very sexy man to me is someone who is gentle and funny, and I am very attracted to that sort. Obviously, because I even have one at home.” Hello: In the film, your character, Ellie, wants to live in Paris. If you moved, where would you go to? Téa: “I like New York because I was born there, and because it’s not a one-industry town like Los Angeles. David and I have been talking about returning to New York because we don’t want to raise our children in L.A. Something is missing there. We’d feel better if they could grow up around normal kids, not just around a bunch of rich Hollywood kids.” Hello: Since you and your husband are involved in the same business, will you be working together some day?

Téa: “We have talked about it, and I’m sure that some day we will. But I would prefer that David writes a movie for me and directs me in it. It would give me a chance to work with him all day long. and then sleep with my director at night!”

Article courtesy of Hello! Magazine and transcribed by Mon.

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