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Leoni Online: The Articles — People Magazine

“Little Girl Lost”

“Tea Leoni needed no preparation to play a mother hunting for her missing son in the dino sequel Jurassic Park III, opening July 18. “They’re naming my No. 1 nightmare in this movie: What would happen if my child would go missing?” says Leoni, who has a daughter, Madelaine West, 2, with husband David Duchovny. “Of course, it’s not likely my child would be off on an island with dinosaurs. I’ve thought more about ‘What if I left her on top of the car at Starbucks and drove off?’ That’s the fear.” Leoni has another reason to stay close to her daughter: Madelaine doubles as Mom’s personal trainer. “I hate to work out,” says Leoni, 35. “I like to play games. My daughter and I have the most intense games of hide-and-seek. Her counting is like ‘1, 2, 10!’ You have to hightail it out of there. That works out the glutes good.”