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Leoni Online: The Articles — Planet Hollywood Interview

PLANET Q&A: Tea Leoni, Wife Extraordinaire When love in movies these days is mostly about sex and betrayal, Tea Leoni and Nicolas Cage are a welcome relief as a most romantic couple who light up the screen together in The Family Man. The stunning actress revealed to PlanetHollywood.com her knack for transforming the drab housewife she plays in The Family Man into something much more sparkling and appealing, and how her co-star made all that effort a breeze…

PLANET HOLLYWOOD: What was it like falling in love with Nicolas Cage in The Family Man?

TEA LEONI: Not hard! But it was a fantastic opportunity to work with Nic. He’s one of the best actors around. And I didn’t feel intimidated, or anything like that. I was so nervous for the screen test, and then I met Nic. He really put me at ease. It was just like, ‘Hi, how are you?’ and ‘You stand there and I guess I’m here’ kind of thing. And Nic may have a reputation as tough on screen, but he’s very kind and soft spoken. And funny!

PH: What else made you go for the role of Kate in this movie?

TL: First of all, returning from motherhood, I was looking for something lighter, and I wasn’t as much attracted to Kate as I was to the relationship between the two people. They have this ordinary, yet very special relationship. Their lives seem pretty normal. They’ve been married for thirteen years, and they have two kids and a house in Jersey, but there’s something between them that’s extraordinary. We need to see more relationship like that on screen.

PH: Was it anything like your own relationship with David [Duchovny]?

TL: Kind of. They can flare up at each other, but they also have this great passion. I admire that, and I would say that I’ve had that in my life with David. And that sort of relationship is lovely, and extraordinary.

PH: How did you and David get together?

TL: It was magic — and we actually wonder why it took so long. Most of it happened on the phone, which was great because David has such a sexy voice. But I did most of the talking, I couldn’t help myself…

PH: You look so comfortable as just an ordinary housewife in The Family Man. Were you?

TL: Well, I don’t find glamour and clothing relevant. Shopping turns me off. I dress up for awards, but only if somebody else is going to pay for the clothes. And shop for them, too!

PH: Are you ready to go all the way and glam down for a role, like Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and a lot of other actresses these days?

TL: Not just yet! I’m not quite ready for a no makeup movie.

PH: Speaking of future movies, what’s the scoop on Jurassic Park III?

TL: Sorry, I can’t say a thing. Except that something pretty big and scary chases me. So it was tiring, but more fun than I ever had on a movie.

PH: When did you first realize that you were funny?

TL: I haven’t decided yet! But I’ve never looked at myself as being particularly funny.

PH: What’s the story behind how you once almost got to be one of Charlie’s Angels on TV, in the Angels ’88 remake?

TL: Yeah, my Angel name was Bernadette, and they were going to call me Bernie. But the most horrifying thing about all of this is if they ever redid it again, I’d be too old!