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Redbook Magazine 2002

redbook-9126355 Téa Leoni – The Star’s sitting pretty with the man of her dreams and a fab family to boot.

By Katherine Dykstra Tea Leoni’s marriage to former X-Files darling David Duchovny is as close to perfect as they come. How do we know? Well, when we asked Tea “What’s the best thing about marriage?” she didn’t even take a breath before answering, “David. The best thing about marriage is David.” Plus, when we asked, “What part of marriage could you live without?” she described tripping over David’s enormous shoes, which she likened to canoes. The point? If tripping over her guy’s canoe-size shoes is her biggest problem, she’s got a damn near perfect marriage. Add to that a wonderful child, 3 year old Madelaine; a baby on the way (due about now); and two successful acting careers (his and hers) and Tea’s life sounds flat-out amazing. A peek at what it’s like:

Redbook: Congratulations on your pregnancy. How are you feeling?

Téa Large. It’s so different from last time. The first time you have a child, you’re so narcissistic; you enter this whole new realm of self-awe. I remember popping out of bed every morning and running to the mirror to look for any new changes in my body. But this time it’s like, “So, when’s it coming? OK, doc, see you then.”

Redbook: Are you having any cravings?

Téa Well, pickles. And by the way, I’ve broken the mystery to that: I think you could give me a salt lick and I’d be happy, but I guess pickles are more socially appealing.

Redbook: Is David extra nice since you’ve been pregnant? Does he cook for you?

Téa Oh, dear God, no. That wouldn’t be nice at all. (laughs)

Redbook: Do you cook?

Téa I like to cook, but I’m pretty uninterested in it now. Since I started going this whole working mom thing, I realized that no matter how hard I try, I can’t possibly to it all so there are some things I have to let fall by the wayside—like cooking.

Redbook: How do you keep your marriage close?

Téa Honestly, we don’t have to work at it. It comes naturally. There’s no “We do this on this day.” We genuinely want to be together, so we don’t have to make time to spend together. Does that make sense?

Redbook: Yes, it sounds as if you have a great relationship.

Téa It’s been easy to commit to one another. We hold each other in high regard and we listen and are there for one another. We haven’t forgotten about us with one child here and one on the way. We like to laugh and talk and hang out.

Redbook: How long will you take off after having the baby?

Téa I’d like to go back to work in October, but if I’m not ready, I won’t feel bad bowing out.

Redbook: What can you tell us about Hollywood Ending?

Téa Well, I’m scared to death to tell you anything because I know Woody [Allen] prefers people know little about the movie before seeing it. But I can tell you I worked with him and that was wonderful.

Redbook: Would you work with David?

Téa No. I couldn’t look him in the eye and speak from someone else’s heart. I’m just not that good.

Redbook: What’s the best gift he’s given you?

Téa When I was a kid, a mean teacher told me I had a bad voice. So, David rented a music studio and said, “It’s yours for the night.” I was one of the best nights of my life. Thinking about it makes me smile.

Article courtesy of Redbook Magazine.

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