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Did David really wear a false mustache when you went to apply for a marriage license in New York City?Yeah. [laughs] Everyone just went “Look. There’s David Duchovny with a mustache.” It obviously didn’t work for its intended purpose, but it sure gave us hours of enjoyment.

Were you surprised he even bothered trying it?

No. David has the best sense of humor of anyone. If I were to pick my ideal man, a sense of humor is very high on the list. And I’ve always said my ideal man’s got nothing on David.

Was there a specific moment when you realized?

I think there was a moment when I knew that nothing would stop us. I remember thinking, we could woo for 20 years without it stopping.

Is it true you spoke for three weeks on the telephone before you ever went out on a date together?

Yeah. [laugh] The intimacies of our conversations were far ahead of the amount of time we’d spent together…Getting ready for our first date, I suddenly thought, “What if he smells wrong?” You never get over that. When we slid into the car next to each other I was like, “Oh, thank God.” I just knew instantly.

What did the two of you do on your first date?

We rented Caddyshack and just howled.

What’s the best gift you ever received?

For my birthday David rented me a sound studio with musicians and backup singers. I sang my heart out. If I were to reschedule my life, I would be a country-and-western singer. David knew that, so he made that dream come true. I was so happy, I cried.

Are you looking forward to having kids someday?

I can’t wait to give everything I’ve got, no-holds-barred, to a child. I don’t pretend to know what it will bring. Of course, we go through constant reports that I’m pregnant. Then I’m photographed with the wind billowing up my shirt, so it looks like I’m carrying at 24 months. I’m not pregnant.

Are you planning to get pregnant?

At this point, I’m just looking forward to having David return from Vancouver [where he until recently The X-Files was filmed] to be with me under the same roof so we can play for a little while.

What possession do you cherish most?

David gave me a painting that he commissioned a friend of mine to make. At the bottom is a quote from a poem David wrote me. It hangs over our bed.

Besides David, who is your best friend?

I have a group of about 8 friends. We do almost everything together, in fractions…three of them work in the fashion industry, which blows my mind because I couldn’t be less interested in fashion.

Do you feel self-conscious about how you dress when you are with your fashion friends?

This is where I grab my uniform. I have five pairs of the exact same pants in slightly different shades of blue, gray, or beige, and I have, I think, 15 white button-down shirts as well as a few blue and a couple of striped ones. Then I have four pairs of black suede loafers. And that’s all I wear. I’ve been wearing it for 12 years.

You recently went from blonde back to brunette. Do you change your hair a lot?

I’ve always enjoyed playing with my hair.

What do miss most about being blonde?

The morning. Waking up blonde is a prettier picture. When you’ve got the bed head, blonde hair is much more forgiving. It just looks like you’re doing that oh-so-sexy, just-woke-up blonde thing.

What’s your favorite part of your body?

I would say my favorite for function is my right arm. My favorite for form would probably be my neck. I like putting on pearls or chokers on it. I think if you’re going to pay attention to a part of my body, it would be my neck.

What would you do if you didn’t act?

I’ve never been without thoughts of [pursuing other careers]…or, hell, even joining the LPGA. The commitment you make to a career is not the commitment you make to your husband, which is clear and can stand tall and brilliant in your life. A career is like hair color. There’s no harm in considering a change….In the back of my mind, I want Milie, my golf coach, to tell me that if I really stuck with it, I could join the tour.

Have you been playing long?

About two years. I picked it up immediately. I have a very natural, easy, enormous swing. For that, I probably have some great-grandparent to thank.

Does David play?

He’s leaning. When we first went out on the course, I though, “Oh, I don’t know that this is ever going to be his thing.” Then he took one lesson and it was phenomenal. He is just that kind of athlete.

Do you play a lot with your family?

Dad’s just gaga about it. Mom’s starting to love it because she walks around the course with him, and they have an afternoon together. I certainly know the romance she’s speaking of because I feel that way with David.

Is golf the only thing you do to stay in shape?

I love hiking, and I can still walk out the door and run three miles. But I don’t like to get on a machine and exercise. I’m lucky because I don’t look like someone who doesn’t work out. Of course, we’d all like a firmer butt or less flabby arms, but for me fitness has to be about fun.