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Willing to Share David’s Ass… So says David Duchovny’s wife, Tea Leoni. The beautiful star of Jurassic Park 3 reveals this and much more IT IS about time the world catches on to Tea Leoni, or Mrs David Duchovny, whose sexy larger-than-life personality has “stardom” written all over it. A psychology and anthropology graduate of Sarah Lawrence College in New York, the beautiful and ballsy actress struggled to establish her film and TV career after making her debut in A League Of Their Own in 1992. False starts along the way included the television sitcom The Naked Truth (1995-1997) and last year’s tepid The Family Man. This year, however, two biggies are set to change all that — the galumphing dinosaur ride Jurassic Park 3, which opened last week, and People I Know, opposite Al Pacino. Also in the pipeline is a yet- untitled Woody Allen comedy. On a vast sound stage in Universal Studios in Los Angeles, the 1.7-m, svelte 35-year-old sits gracefully in a foldable chair, clad in a black turtleneck sweater and orange slacks. Warm and candid as she is known to be, she gives her take on marriage, kids and having to “share” Duchovny’s ass with the rest of the world. LEONI points excitedly to a life-sized wax model of a velociraptor in the room and trills: “Look! That’s a male raptor. And I don’t even have to look below the belt.” Wow! How can you tell? By the quills on its head. Only the males have it. See, I paid attention. Impressed? (Winks and grins wickedly) Very. Is there anything else you’d like to show off? Yeah, the multiple bruises I got from the stunts we had to do in Jurassic Park 3. But you can’t see them under my clothes unless … (grins again). I wear my bruises proudly. I think they’re sexy. Mmmmmm, I bet they are. Er-hem, what about your David? Does he think so too? Yeah, I was filming Jurassic Park 3 when David was doing Evolution, and we’d come home and compare bruises. David bared his ass in Evolution, didn’t he? Now we all know what it looks like. What do think of that? Oh, I think he has such a terrific ass, I’m willing to share. If he had a bad ass, I would have pulled him aside and said: “Now baby, we can’t do that anymore.” Evolution and Jurassic Park 3 both opened this summer, so now both of you are competing against each other at the box office … No, are you kidding? We’re sleeping together. This takes the saying “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” to a whole new level. No, it’s not competitive. It’s more like, “Oh my God, we rock!” Is it hard maintaining a celebrity relationship? No harder than maintaining any relationship. It’s just that everytime a celebrity couple divorces, it gets splashed on the covers of magazines. But you know what I’d be curious to find out? That if you pit celeb relationships against the national divorce rate, would they be similar? Good question but I don’t have the answer to that. The two of you have a two-year-old daughter. Did that help you relate to the role of a mother who has lost her child on a dino-infested island in Jurassic Park 3? David and I have been through a similar crisis. We nearly lost our child a year ago. Use your imagination because I don’t want to elaborate, and it’s as bad as anything that comes out of your imagination. It changed our lives in ways that sometimes we wished we could be ignorant again to the realities. Was she ill? Yes, but I won’t say anymore. Is she better now? Yes, well enough to come to work with me on Jurassic Park 3. They gave us a great trailer with toys and a nanny. It worked well. It’s trickier now because she’s two. Aaaah, the troublesome twos. Yeah — that thing … not that I know what it means, but everyone says it to me and I’m just agreeing. Coming back to the movie, do you think this Jurassic will do as well as the first two?

(Looking serious) Yes, this isn’t just the third one, it’s the best one because it revolves around a very real and instinctual storyline about a couple trying to rescue their son. People can relate to that. (Pause) At any rate, if this movie tanks, I’ll just blame the dinosaurs.