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If the bra fits your budget, buy it for a good cause

By Kelly Carter, USA TODAY CULVER CITY, Calif. — An eight-months pregnant Brooke Shields paraded around in a flesh-colored water bra. Sheryl Crow slipped on a black bra with 150 hot-pink guitar chips attached to the cups. It wasn’t quite as risqué as it sounds — both women wore the bras over their tops, and it was all for a good cause. Sixty celebrities designed Frederick’s of Hollywood bras for an auction to benefit breast cancer charity Expedition Inspiration Take-A-Hike. Six of the bras were auctioned Tuesday night and brought in $40,000. (Photos: See some of the star-studded bras.)

The others can be bid on at www.sothebys.com through April 15. Opening bids start at $575.

Among the designers: Shields, Crow, Goldie Hawn, Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Sarah Jessica Parker, Will Farrell, Kristin Davis and Debra Messing. Julianne Moore’s design — with white bugle beads on both cups — went for $9,000. Frederick’s of Hollywood CEO Linda LoRe paid $7,000 for Sharon Stone’s bra, decorated with feather butterflies, for the company’s collection. “I love Sharon Stone’s bra,” said Garry Shandling. “I think that’s something I can wear for a fancy occasion.” Shandling’s bra consisted of two large royal-blue yarmulkes. “I don’t know whether to call it a bramulke or a couple of Jews,” he joked. Every celeb designer was given a black 34B bra to start with, but Shandling’s was big enough to fit, say, Pamela Anderson, also a participant. “It’s a preference for Garry, I suppose,” said event chair Tea Leoni. “He got the biggest yarmulkes he could find.” Shields went on stage to help emcee Kevin Nealon attract bidders for the bra he designed — which looked exactly like a pair of breasts. Once she slipped it on, the price quickly rose to $3,500. (The Marilyn Monroe-themed bra that Shields designed is available online.)

“I feel unbelievably sexy,” she told the crowd. “As an expectant mother, you feel like you’re going to lose your sex appeal, but not with these.”

Article courtesy of USA Today.

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