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Leoni Online: Video Clips — 6

Leoni Online Video Clips — 6

Several different clips from April 3rd’s Return to Me Premiere. All files are linked on one page. Click graphic at right to view. View photos et_rtm_premiere_005-7235523
Téa and her husband, David Duchovny, chat with Melissa Rivers before the 1998 Golden Globe Awards ceremony. View photos gg_preshow-3463657
On the set of Jurassic Park III with Access Hollywood. Clip can be viewed as Windows Media, Real Video or Quicktime. You can also view the screen captures. ahjp3-5568423
Téa guest hosts Live w/ Regis and Kelly during Kelly Ripa’s maternity leave. There are four clips total. Clip 1: Téa is introduced to the studio audience and chats about her daughter, West and husband, David. Real Media file, 2.1 Mb. Clip 2: Téa discusses the whole “ass-painting” thing with Regis and views some Mulder look-alikes. Real Media file, 2.4 Mb. Clip 3: The set up for this clip has Téa and Regis viewing video tapes of women who want a date with a specific elegible batchlor for an upcoming Regis and Kelly edition of The Dating Game. Real Media file, 841k. Clip 4: During the segment Traval Trivia, Téa remembers the stress and pressure she felt when she was a “phone-a-friend” for her husband when he was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Real Media file, 1.2 Mb. You can also view the photos here. regis01-1763389
Téa and husband David Duchovny stop and talk to reports at the LA premiere of Jurassic Park III on July 16, 2001. MPEG file, 1.7 Mb. You can also view the photos.

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