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Leoni Online: Video Clips — 8

Leoni Online Video Clips — 8

Jurassic Park III special effects highlight on Access Hollywood, July 17, 2001. Windows Media Video, 2.2 Mb. ah_jp3fx-2013089
A long teaser trailer for Jurassic Park III shown during the television broadcast premiere of the original Jurassic Park. zipped Real Media file, 3.6 Mb. There was also a short interview with Téa: zipped Real Media file, 424k. longtrailer-6213906
Téa on The Early Show in 2001 promoting Jurassic Park III. Windows Media Video, 3.5 Mb. You can also view the screen captures. earlyshowjp3-3014899
Téa guest stars on Fraiser playing Sam Malone’s fiancée “Shelia” in “The Show Where Sam Shows Up”. Original airdate, February 21, 1995. Real Media files: part 1, 962k and part 2, 3.4 Mb. You can also view the screen captures from this episode. fraiser-8769410
A sneak preview of Hollywood Ending on Entertainment Tonight. Real Media file, 1.4 Mb. he-sneak-peek-4005031

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